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In October 2012 we took delivery of our first Dexter cattle - a cow and 2 heifers. The cow gave birth to our first calf in July 2013 and we had another in August 2014. Originally from South West Ireland, the breed has been in England since the late nineteenth century. Smaller than most other breeds, these are stocky animals, no taller than 1.2m at the rump for a bull (10cm less for a cow). They are multi-purpose (milk and meat), although predominantly kept as a beef animal. Grass fed, Dexter meat takes longer to finish than most commercial breeds, but gives a more marbled joint with a rich flavour.

 We also have Red Poll cattle. These are grazed on Rough Close Common over the summer as part of Stafford Borough Council’s management plan drawn up in 1992. This grazing has helped the site become a recognised nature reserve.

Dexter heifer Dexter cattle, heads in buckets Dexter calf at 10 months Dexter cow showing off her bucket cleaning equipment